Stay cozy and undisturbed!

  • 📚Never disrupt your cozy reading spot again with Bookzzie.😌✨
  • Say goodbye to getting out of bed just when you were ready to doze off.😴
  • 💤Enjoy uninterrupted sleep and wake up refreshed, without sacrificing your reading comfort.🌙🌈

Learn from my mistakes!

🔦I used to grab my phone to use its flashlight and always ended up falling for notifications and social media!📱💬😞

My story

About three years ago I started my self-improvement journey.💪✨
I understood how important sleep is for your health and productivity.💡

⏰So waking up refreshed and on time is a top priority.🌅☀️

Get Bookzzie now and sleep better

Bookzzie, my savior!

Thanks to Bookzzie, I've successfully avoided screens at least one hour before bed.🚫📱🌙

Embracing the soothing pages of a book has become my pre-sleep ritual, helping me unwind and prepare for a restful night's sleep.📖😌💤

I developed Bookzzie with your health in mind!

🌞With 9 light modes you will surely find the light that soothes your eyes and protects your sleep, Bookzzie is a flexible reading lamp and bookmark that works with any book.

☀️Because people should enjoy reading, I used my own experience to develop and improve Bookzzie.📚💡✨

Join the Bookziee family!

Tiny but mighty… and rechargeable!

  • 200mAh rechargeable battery🔋⚡💪
  • Built-in USB A charging port
  • Up to 8 hours of reading time with a full charge⏰
  • 4 colors to fit your style💙🖤🤍💖

No more worrying about running out of light, buying batteries or leaving your bed to turn off your room lights.

The Bookzzie plugs directly into any compatible USB port from a phone charger or your computer.📱💻

Get ready to embrace the convenience and freedom of Bookzzie, your trusty reading companion.🛌💡📖

Bookzzie - Reading Lamp


Join the Bookzzie family and take your reading to a new level of comfort and enjoyment right now!

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Introducing Božidar Oplanić, the visionary behind Bookzzie! ☀️📚

 As the founder of Bookzzie, Božidar Oplanić intimately
understands the challenges of finding the perfect light for reading. 💡📖

With a passion for enhancing the reading experience,
Božidar's expertise and dedication have driven the creation of Bookzzie
to provide you with the ultimate reading companion. 🚀✨📚

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